[Adobe] Date Science & Machine Learning

  • 회사개요 : Adobe
  • 급여수준 : 협의
  • 교육수준 : 석사/MBA, 박사
  • 모집기간 : 채용시까지




- Under the direction of an Adobe Research mentor, pursue a research problem with applicability to Adobe’s

  products, and with the possibility of academic publication 

- Develop new algorithms, run experiments, and produce demonstration prototypes  

- Document and present your work, both verbally and in writing 



- Current PhD or master's student in computer science, or related field 

- Sufficient research skills and background in your chosen subject area 

- Strong communication skills and teamwork experience 

- Passion for solving real world problems with web scale data using and inventing state of the art Machine

  Learning algorithms. 


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`20.12.15(updated. `20.12.16)

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