[3M] Application Engineer

  • 회사개요 : 3M
  • 급여수준 : 협의
  • 모집기간 : 채용시까지




- Develop new applications and new business opportunities for 3M products and technology

- Active technical supports to develop customer’s new application and to solve customer’s troubles

- Training 3M products and technology for customers to understand 3M products

- Specify 3M products at key OEM’s and Tiers on engineering drawings & provide support required to transition

  business to manufacturing locations throughout zones, regions, and subsidiaries

- Engage Industrial designers, design influencers and engineers to develop a hopper of projects to move from

  exploration to production

- Ability to build strong collaborative relationship with your customers

- Ability to manage complex situations & prioritize sales opportunity



- B.S. graduates having an accredited degree in an appropriate/applicable scientific/engineering or related field.

- Degrees must be from an accredited college or university.

- The employee is expected to develop acceptable work habits, skills, knowledge and contributions

- Possesses and applies basic analytical problem solving skills.

- Applies methodology of process improvement when applicable.

- Possesses basic technical and non-technical communication skills both of Korean and English

- Possesses basic interpersonal and team skills necessary to perform effectively in a variety of cross-functional

  team situations.

- Acquires basic knowledge of division’s product, customers, and customer needs.


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